1 Introduction

The planetary nebulae (PNe) Hen3-1333 ($ =$PNG332.9$ -$09.9) and Hen2-113 ($ =$PNG321.0$ +$03.9) show unique properties of the early post-asymptotic giant branch (AGB) phase and dust formation at the last AGB phase. Cohen et al. (2002); Cohen et al. (1999) found a dual-dust chemistry in these PNe using infrared observations. Cohen et al. (1999) fitted blackbody curves to the continuum of Hen3-1333, and found some evidences for dual-chemistry, namely carbon-rich and oxygen-rich dust grains. Similarly, Cohen et al. (2002) identified oxygen- and carbon-rich materials in Hen2-113.

The central stars of Hen3-1333 and Hen2-113 were among the coolest Wolf-Rayet stars studied in JHKL bands and classified as [WC11] (Webster & Glass, 1974). They have been classified as late-type [WC10] based on the classification scheme proposed by Crowther et al. (1998). Gleizes et al. (1989) derived the H I Zanstra temperature of $ T_{\rm z}($I$ )= 17.5$kK for Hen 3-1333 and $ 37$kK for Hen 2-113. Furthermore, photoionization modelling by De Marco & Crowther (1998) yielded $ T_{\rm eff}= 25$kK for Hen3-1333 and $ T_{\rm eff}= 29$kK for Hen2-113.

Fig.1 shows the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) images of Hen3-1333 and Hen2-113 taken with the High Resolution Channel of the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS/HRC), and through the F606W and F814W filters, respectively. The HST image of Hen3-1333 studied by Chesneau et al. (2006) hints at complex multipolar lobes surrounding its bright compact core. Previously, De Marco et al. (2002) identified a compact dusty disk in Hen3-1333. Moreover, Lagadec et al. (2006) described the HST image of Hen3-113 as two ring-like structures produced by the projection of a hourglass-shaped geometric model.

In this paper, we present spatially resolved kinematic observations of Hen3-1333 and Hen2-113 made with an integral field unit (IFU) spectrograph. We first describe the observational method and the data obtained, and then proceed to determine the spatial orientations constrained by kinematic models.

Ashkbiz Danehkar