2 Observations

The IFU observations were performed using the Wide Field Spectrograph (WiFeS; Dopita et al., 2007; Dopita et al., 2010) mounted on the 2.3-m Australian National University (ANU) telescope on 2010 April 20. Table 1 presents an observation journal, including the exposure time used for each PN in our WiFeS observations (column 3), and information on the HST observations (columns 5-8).

Table 1: Journal of observations.
Object Other name WiFeS HST

Exp. (s) Obs. Date Filter Exp. (s) Obs. Date Programme ID
Hen3-1333 PNG332.9$ -$09.9 1200 2010 Apr 20 F606W 56 2002 Sep 17 9463
Hen2-113 PNG321.0$ +$03.9 60,1200 2010 Apr 20 F814W 56 2003 Mar 09 9463

WiFeS is an image-slicing IFU developed and built for the ANU, feeding a double-beam spectrograph. It has a field-of-view (FOV) of 25 arcsec $ \times$ 38 arcsec and a spatial resolution of 1 arcsec. We used the spectral resolution of $ R\sim 7000$. The classical data accumulation mode was used, so a suitable sky window has been selected from the science data for the sky subtraction purpose. We also acquired series of bias, dome flat-field frames, twilight sky flats, arc lamp exposures, wire frames and standard stars for bias-subtraction, flat-fielding and calibrations (fully described by Danehkar, 2014).

Figure: HST images of Hen3-1333 (top panel) taken with the F606W filter, and Hen2-113 (bottom panel) taken with the F814W filter and ACS/HRC detector (Programme ID 9463, PI. R. Sahai). The image scale is shown by a solid line in each image. North is up and east is towards the left-hand side.

The WiFeS data were reduced using the IRAF pipeline WIFES (version 2.14). We utilized the same data reduction procedure described in detail by Danehkar et al. (2013) and Danehkar et al. (2014), which includes flat-fielding, bias-subtraction, wavelength calibration, spatial calibration and flux calibration.

Figure: From left to right, spatial distribution maps of flux intensity and LSR velocity of H$ \alpha $ $ \lambda $6563 for (a) Hen3-1333 and (b) Hen2-113. Flux unit is in $ 10^{-15}$ ergs$ {}^{-1}$cm$ {}^{-2}$spaxel$ {}^{-1}$ and velocities in kms$ {}^{-1}$. The white/black contour lines show the distribution of the narrow-band emission of H$ \alpha $ in arbitrary unit obtained from the SuperCOSMOS H$ \alpha $ Survey (Parker et al., 2005). North is up and east is towards the left-hand side.
(a) Hen3-1333
(b) Hen2-113

Ashkbiz Danehkar