Conference Talks and Colloquia

Time-dependent Numerical Modeling of Thermally Driven Stellar Winds
Talk at IAUS370, Busan, Korea, August 11, 2022


Conditions for Cool Superwinds in Massive Star-forming Regions
Talk at IAUS373, Busan, Korea, August 10, 2022


Bayesian X-ray Spectral Analysis of Black Hole Spins in Seyfert I AGN
Talk at AAS Summer 240th Meeting, Pasadena, CA, June 14, 2022


Chemical Compositions of [WR] Planetary Nebulae based on IFU Observations
Talk at Evolved Stars and their Circumstellar Environments, December 15, 2021


Hydrodynamic Simulations and Time-dependent Photoionization Modeling of Starburst-driven Superwinds
Talk at IAUS362: Predictive Power of Computational Astrophysics, November 8, 2021


Non-equilibrium Photoionization and Hydrodynamic Simulations of Starburst-driven Outflows
Talk at 4th Workshop on Numerical Modeling in MHD and Plasma Physics, 13 October 2021


Morphologies of Wolf-Rayet Planetary Nebulae based on IFU Observations
Talk at Asymmetrical Post-Main-Sequence Nebulae 8 (APN8), October 8, 2021


Bayesian X-ray Spectral Analysis of the Symbiotic Star RT Cru
Talk at Chandra Data Science, Virtual Meeting, Chandra X-ray Center, USA, August 18, 2021


Hydrodynamic Simulations of Starburst-driven Superwinds
Talk at Challenges and Innovations in Computational Astrophysics – III (ChaICA-III; Virtual), 21 June 2021


Hard X-ray Emitting Symbiotics: Candidates for Type Ia Supernova Progenitors
Talk at American Physical Society (APS) April Meeting, Virtual Meeting, USA, April 20, 2021


Emission Lines from Superwinds of Super Star Clusters
Talk at American Astronomical Society (AAS) Winter 237st Virtual Meeting, USA, January 12, 2021


Paths to a Unified AGN Outflow Model via Computational Relativity
Talk at Challenges and Innovations in Computational Astrophysics – II (Virtual), November 20, 2020


Tendex and Vortex Lines around Spinning Supermassive Black Holes
Talk at 30th Midwest Relativity Meeting (Virtual), University of Notre Dame, IN, October 23, 2020


Simulations of Superwind Suppression in Super Star Clusters
Talk at Galaxy Group Meeting, University of Michigan, MA, USA, November 25, 2019


Relativistic Compact Outflows in Radio-quiet AGN
Talk at Extreme Astrophysics Group, University of Michigan, Michigan, MA, USA, October 31, 2019


Active Galactic Nuclei: Laboratory for Gravitational Physics
Talk at 29th Midwest Relativity Meeting, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI, October 4, 2019


Suppressed Superwinds in Super Star Clusters via Hydrodynamic Simulations
Talk at Post-Doc Colloquium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, September 5, 2019


Ultra-Fast Outflows in Seyfert I AGN
Talk at Galaxy Group Meeting, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, March 11, 2019


Low-ionization Envelopes in NGC 5189: Spatially-resolved HST Observations
Talk at CfA Postdoc Symposium, Harvard/CfA, Cambridge, USA, October 20, 2017


Chandra Grating Spectroscopy of PG 1211+143: Evidence for an Ultra-fast Outflow
Talk at New England Regional Quasar and AGN Meeting (NERQUAM), Boston University, May 12, 2017


Photoionization Modeling of Warm Absorbing Outflows in Active Galactic Nuclei
Talk at CfA Postdoc Symposium, Harvard CfA, Cambridge, USA, October 7, 2016


Ultra-fast Outflows from Active Galactic Nuclei of Seyfert I Galaxies
High Energy Phenomena Seminar (lunch talk), Harvard CfA, Cambridge, USA, September 7, 2016


Insights to the Morphology of Planetary Nebulae from 3D Spectroscopy
Talk at CfA Postdoc Symposium, Harvard CfA, Cambridge, USA, November 20, 2015


Kinematic Properties of Planetary Nebulae with WR-type Nuclei
Talk at 12th Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting (APRIM), Daejeon, Korea, August 20, 2014


Propagation of electron-acoustic excitations in the presence of suprathermal background electrons
Talk at CPP Project Seminar, Queen’s University Belfast, UK, September 30, 2009


Dual Graviton coupled with a Topological BF Model
Talk at Max-Planck-Institut fuer Quantenoptik, München, Germany, September 23, 2009

Conference Posters

UV Diagnostics of Radiatively Cooling Superwinds in Super Star Clusters
IAUGA Meeting, FM4, Busan, Korea, 2022


Measuring Black Hole Spins in Radio-quiet type I AGN
International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, 2022


Probing Supermassive Black Hole Spins through Reflection Modeling of Accretion Disks
EAS Annual Meeting, SS12, Valencia, Spain, 2022


Chemical Abundances of Planetary Nebulae around Hydrogen-deficient Stars
EAS Annual Meeting, SS16, Valencia, Spain, 2022


Impact of Suprathermal and Beam Electrons on Nonlinear Electrostatic Waves in an Electron-Positron Plasma
EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Virtual, 2022


Hydrodynamic Simulations of Starburst-driven Superwinds and Superbubbles
Computational Astrophysics in the ngVLA Era, New York, USA, 2022


Black hole spins in radio-quiet type I active galaxies: Markov chain Monte Carlo based analysis
APS April Meeting, New York, USA, 2022


Silicon K-edge Dust Properties of Neutron Star Low-mass X-ray Binaries
IAUS 363: Neutron Star Astrophysics, 2021


Positron-Acoustic Solitons in an Electron-Positron Plasma with Beam Electrons and Kappa-distributed Electrons
63rd Annual Meeting of the APS DPP, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 2021


Radiatively Cooling Galactic Winds in Star-forming Galaxies
KooGiG-Junior Virtual Workshop, KIAA and PKING, 2021


The Formation of Catastrophically Cooling Outflows in Star-forming Regions via Non-equilibrium Radiative Cooling
Star Formation: From Clouds to Discs, Malahide, Ireland, 2021


Electron Beam-Plasma Interaction in an Electron-Positron Plasma System with Kappa-distributed Electrons
48th IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science, Stateline, NV, USA, 2021


Discovery of Low-ionization Envelopes in the Planetary Nebula NGC 5189:
Spatially-resolved Diagnostics from HST Observations

American Astronomical Society Meeting No. 231, Washington, DC, USA, 2018


Multiwavelength Observations of PG 1211+143:
Unveiling the Ultra-fast Outflows in AGNs

From Chandra to Lynx (CXO2LYNX), Harvard, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2017


Orientation of Galactic Bulge Planetary Nebulae toward the Galactic Center
IAU Symposium No. 312, Beijing, China, 2014


Photoionization Models of the Physical and Chemical Properties of
Planetary Nebulae with WR-type Nuclei

12th Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting (APRIM), Daejeon, Korea, 2014


Photoionization Models of the Photoionization Modelling of Galactic Planetary Nebulae
IAU Symposium 281 “Planetary Nebulae: an Eye to the Future”, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, 2012


Photoionization Models of the Eskimo Nebula: Evidence for a Binary Central Star?
IAU Symposium 282 “From Interacting Binaries to Exoplanets: Essential Modeling Tools,” Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia, 2012


A search for double-degenerate planetary nebula central stars:
modeling the nuclei of NGC 6026 and NGC 2392

IAU Symposium 281 “Binary Paths to the Explosions of type Ia Supernovae”, Padova, Italy, 2012


Electron Beam – Plasma Interaction in a Dusty Plasma with a Hot Suprathermal Electron Component
6th International Conference on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas (ICPDP6), Germany, 2011